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News and Events


Keep up to date with News and Events happening within the JKA Brisbane society.

JKA Brisbane has deep foundations on a community level, working alongside schools, groups and families involved in the Brisbane Karate community.

Also included are points of interest in the wider global JKA community and information on recent and upcoming tournament events.

Learn Karate


Whether you are young or old, the martial art of Karate can be taught at any age. Karate provides an exciting and interesting avenue for people to grow and learn new skills that extend into all aspects of their lives.

Our coaches and groups are skill and age determined, and all classes can be performed in a friendly, accepting environment.

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Find a Location


We offer several JKA approved providers in the Brisbane area. All the locations are approved for teaching the discipline of Karate to the standards of the Japan Karate Association.

When you have decided on a location, all relevant contact details are availiable for you to organise an appropriate meeting or session to begin or continue your journey in karate.

JKA BRISBANE is a group for clubs (Dojos) located in Bracken Ridge, Sandgate and Northgate.

JKA Brisbane teaches the traditional art (self-defence) of JKA Shotokan Karate.

We have karate classes for all ages (5 years and above).

Our fully qualified team of Instructors (coaches) are the best in Australia and will support you and your kids in achieving your aims (goals) in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

JKA Brisbane is a member of the JKA/WF AUSTRALIA (Japan Karate Association World Federation of Australia), which is the largest JKA Association in Australia, with clubs located through-out Australia.

We also offer two types of competition, Traditional Shobu Ippon and Sport Karate (World Karate Federation – IOC Sport)

So if you’re looking for a martial arts club near you, why not join in with our members and families. We look forward to training with you soon at one of our locations.

From the JKA Brisbane Coaching Team.